Photos of the month 2014-2015

Plainte de la tourterelle


Channel turning green

Invasive species

Viking  Regattas 

Culvert: Exit in the Lake

Operational barrier...

Photos: Lake St. Francois Xavier

A 2nd container filled-up!

Not so nice...

The parish community & the Viking Club's corn roast 

Paroisse Et Club Viking

 LSFX - Environmental Fund

LSFX Environmental 
Fund's AGM

LSFX Pot Luck Supper

The Pot Luck on Saturday obtained a great success, with over a hundred participants. 


Montfort summer regattas are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Dave Clark and Mayor Genest took the occasion of the Pot Luck to pay tribute to Bob Clark who has organized these since their beginning. To thank Bob for his work and highlight the event, his brother Dave and Edna Schell have thought about a special trophy which was then handed to him. 

Thank you to Colleen Horan, Diana Jegou and all those who have helped for the success of the Pot Luck and for sharing photos of the evening.

Trout fed loon chicks...

AGM: photos

Hours of opening of the  Orphans Shelter

Stand-up paddle-boards surfers

From the channel to the marina!

The barrier ...connected?

July 10, 2015
This week, Hydro led wires to the pole planted earlier by the automated barrier. This post, like those now along the trestle bridge section, was topped by streetlights. There still remains to see the Barrière Prestige technicians return connect everything in order for the technical part of the implementation to be completed.
In case of power failure, it seems that there is way to manually operate the work. When it comes to emergency vehicles, a scream of their siren will automatically trigger its opening, were we explained. One can see the small control box of this emergency system on the side of the large one. Hope that those who are so good at imitating the cry of the loon will still not play the siren...
The barrier is however not yet in service. It appears that the MRC should previously send a letter of explanation to the concerned residents; of what they are in great need. This formality might be enough to allow the inauguration of the system. There is however still those left behind who need to also get their precious code of access to the shared and soon protected way... They might also afford buying a remote control, or hope that their iPhone might one day be equipped with a proper application!
Please address inquiries to the Municipal authorities.

SQ and loons on patrol...

Stand-up paddle-boards

Kayaks and code of conduct

Code of Conduct for boating on Lake Saint-François-Xavier (Available at the Monfort Pavilion)
1.                Respect for the lake:
a.                if your boat has been in other waters, inspect it for possible invasive plants and wash it as required by the current regulations before launching
b.                do not throw your garbage into the lake or leave it on shore
2.                Respect for the residents: do not use private docks and beaches
3.                Respect for other users: refrain from shouting and foul language
4.                Safety: have a life jacket for each occupant, boat in pairs or small groups
Warning: There are boats on the lake with powerful motors which can generate large waves and turbulent water.  Be aware of such boats at all times, particularly during the hours when water skiing and other towing activities are accepted: (1:30 to 5:00 pm and 6:30 to 7:30 pm).  Note that federal regulations impose a 10 kph speed limit within 30 metres of shore; small boats are less at risk close to shore.
The Lac Saint François Xavier Lake Association wishes you a pleasant day on the lake
Contact the Coop des 4 Pôles for information on the kayaks rental service, at (450) 712-2507 or eventually at the Montfort Pavilion.


Viking Club lesson

The sand trap is installed!

Automated Barrier 

Residents of selected addresses are currently receiving a letter of the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut informing them of the installation of an automated gate at Newaygo. The schema of this steel structure gives an overall of more than ten meters width.  Homeowners are invited to complete the attached form, specifying a code of four digits of their choice; the latter, once programmed, will allow them to open the barrier. There is also attached a note of the manufacturer, Barrière Prestige Inc., at Saint-Hippolyte, where is mentioned the price of remotes, at $ 40 each.
In the preamble, the letter is recalling the derogatory situation of automobile traffic on the Aerobic Corridor that justifies this measure. It states that, in consideration of the right to circulate, the MRC and the Municipality have agreed to annual pricing for the use of the barrier for 2015, at $50. For residents of rue du Chemin-de-fer, usual fees for winter maintenance of the road and now summer fees of $100 as well add to the former for the same year. 
Look no further for the frame of your next bucolic photo of the Lake at Newaygo; the prestigious barrier should do the trick...


The sand trap!

The new street number plates

Appeared on rue Principale

From Orphans to Lake Thurston