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Minutes of the Dec. 10, 2013  MRC’s session in St. Sauveur

Fonds de soutien aux territoires en difficultés (FSTD)*
It is proposed by Councillor André Genest: «that the MRC’s Council... agrees the following projects... under this Fund ( … conditional on the availability of funds) :

establishment of a platform of carpool (applicant: Transport adapté et collectif des Laurentides).»          Amount: $5,000
Promotion of official trails in the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut (applicant: CLD des Pays-d'en-Haut).            Amount: $15,300...


Changes to the development plan
The draft Regulation No. 284-2013 to the adoption of the level of the 20 years and 100 years flood recurrence of the Simon River and some areas of the Grand Ruisseau was adopted.

Local road infrastructure response plan (PIIRL)*
On a proposal by the Mayor of Wentworth-Nord, the MRC accepts the offer from Équipe Laurence experts-conseils, to the maximum of $15 000 (excluding taxes), as part of the offer of accompanying (i.e. bank of 120 hours in technical staff) on the PIIRL.
Minutes of the MRC's, Dec. 2013 session

Minutes of the Nov. 27, 2013  MRC’s session in Ste. Adele

MRC’s spokesman at the Council of the Commission des Ressources naturelles et du Territoire des Laurentides (CRNTL*)
«The Council of the MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut appoints Councilman André Genest, Mayor of Wentworth-Nord, as a representative of the MRC» within the Council of the CRNTL.
«The general mandate of the CRNTL is made up of two (2) components:
•Plan, coordinate and promote the development of the regions in the field of natural resources and territory;
•Carry an integrated regional resources and territory development plan (PRDIRT) and collaborate in its implementation.»
«The responsibilities of the resources and territory regional commissions are established through specific tripartite agreements (with the concerned departments)... and the conférences régionales des élus.»

Another mountain bike trail contiguous to the Aerobic Corridor
«Whereas the presentation to the Commission des ressources naturelles et du territoire des Laurentides (CRNTL) of a project under the Regional and forestry development program (PDRF), … for an amount of $14,500, ... it is proposed by Council-woman Lisette Lapointe, Mayor of Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, ... that the MRC’s Council... authorize its Director general, Me Yvan Genest, to sign any document relating to the project: ”Adjoining of a mountain bike trail at the aerobic corridor in Saint-Adolphe-D'howard”... Adopted.»

Maintenance work on the vegetation on the hiking circuits of La Monfortaine
Whereas the presentation to the CRNTL of this project under the PDRF, for $ 6 778; ... the MRC’s Council authorizes its Director-general to sign any document relating to the project. 

Parc Régional des Pays-d'en-Haut, interconnection sector Registration of the schedule :
«Registration is made for information to the members of the Council of the schedule of the bike link between the linear Park Le P'tit Train du Nord and the Aerobic corridor (interconnection) to begin in May 2014.»

Eligibility criteria of the program of development of the resources of the forest environment
«Whereas the request addressed by the MRC d'Argenteuil concerning the criteria for eligibility for the program of development of forest resources; ... it is proposed by Councilman André Genest, … that the MRC’s Council ... supports the MRC d'Argenteuil in its dealings with the Department of natural resources (MNR) asking it to reconsider its decision to exclude from the program projects of intervention on lands of municipal property. Adopted.»
Minutes of the MRC's, Nov. 2013 session

AMT ads 152 parking places 

Gare Saint-Jérôme
The Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) increases by 25% the capacity of incentive parking at the Saint-Jérôme station, bringing it to 740 spaces available. Places should have been opened to the customer from Friday, January 24. 
After the increase in the number of departures among others, Saint-Jérôme line ridership has increased by 6 per cent from 2012 to 2013. The increase in the number of parking spaces was therefore essential. Traffic lights were also added. This change of habits in the use of the means of transport is welcome in the context of the protection of the environment, energy saving, the reduction of road traffic, etc.                                                                                                                C.C. 
Press release 


Ms. Raphaëlle Robitaille, Director of the Service of the environment of Wentworth-Nord, informs us about the existence of a new program of refundable provincial tax credit, applicable to invoices for eco-friendly home renovations done by  a qualified contractor. Cottages are included as eligible homes and agreements with contractors must be entered into after October 7, 2013 and before November 1, 2014.
I don't see any English version of the 36-page PDF document for which Ms. Robitaille has transferred us the link; however, the criteria of the program are described in both languages on the Revenu Québec’s website. By following this link you will find another link that describes these criteria. ECORENOV

Custom-made touristic tours

The idea, reported by the Réseau de veille en tourisme, of custom-made tours vending machines in offices of tourist information of Spain, allows us to imagine a similar tool on the internet. Here is a suggestion for application on our sector; all is not yet operational. 
Example here: If you check: “Summer”, “1 day”, “ballad auto + tourist attractions", "Cruising on Lake" and “Restaurant (dinner) and evening”  in your combination of choices, you will get, among others: "9.00am: departure from the Montfort Pavilion...”, etc., "10.00am: cruise on the Sixteen Islands Lake" and "6.00pm: Restaurant and evening at Saint-Sauveur”, with links and contact information on your custom-made tour  (unless more options are developed). 

Choose your options (multiple for activities); develop and then print the resulting tour (the title of the button to send would be replaced by "Develop". If you use it in this incomplete demonstrator, you rather send us your choice...). A list of specific activities* with appropriate indications and photos must first be determined.    (To be developed)

Season Spring
Time available 4 hours
1 day
2 days
Age of family Young family
Family and teens
Activities looked for* Child entertainment
Bathing, beach
Car ride + touristic attractions
Cruises on Lake
Excursions and points of view
Skiing, snowshoeing
Restaurant (dinner) and evening

The Orphan's Tour

[Click to zoom the image]

* Tours of the lakes by car or crossing of the municipality with recommended stops; tour on foot or by bicycle; Aerobic corridor; Orphans’ Trail; observation points (Belvedere of the Orphans, Chapeau de Napoleon or view on Deer Lake (with permissions...); cruise on the Sixteen Islands Lake; mushroom picking; heritage trail (to be developed), swimming at the public beach;) Montfort’s Regatta  and bonfire; canoe with the Viking  club (?); art exhibitions; parks for children; picnic at the Pavilion of Montfort (with Austrian sausages on Grill), Laurel community park or Saint-Michel; Green day; restaurant and evening leisure at St. Sauveur.


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